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Hello, All. :-D

My name is Monique, I'm about 125-30lbs, 5'8, and I'm a lazy bastard. Well, not so much a lazy bastard anymore, b/c I've started to do some aerobics, and I'd like to tone myself up a bit. This is less about losing weight (I'd float away if I did), I just want to eat a little healthier, and firm up my abs. I guess I'll be using this mainly to post my food intake for the day (I want to incorporate more fruit and veg, which is easy cause I love them) and to monitor my excercise. My food logs always include water so I'll only put down juice if I drink it. I'll make edits on them as I go through the day. Feel free to add me or get in touch (aim: qotsachick84)! :-)

Yesterday's food:
1 Bowl of rice krispies w/2% milk
½ Glass of orange juice
Part of muffin w/bran, carrots, coconut, apples, sultanas, pecans in it
Turkey sandwich on whole grain oat bread, w/1 piece of lettuce, 3 slices tomato, 1 slice cheese
Small section of fruit salad, and a little of “Rainbow Salad” (from Whole Foods)
6 Chicken McNuggets and small fry...grrrrr (I know it's bad, but I was getting on the subway, and I was sooo peckish)
Broiled salmon filet w/spinach, brown rice, and zucchini

Today's food and excercise:
40 mins of working out + 8 mins of ab training (I'm currently using Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip, I know it sounds flaky, but I def feel the burn and I drip sweat when I'm done. (And I did the work out after the cereal and juice, and before the yogurt.)

1 Bowl of rice krispies w/2% milk
½ Glass of orange juice
Small bowl of yogurt w/pecan granola (The Baker brand is really good, total yum.)
Leftovers for lunch: Broiled salmon filet w/spinach, brown rice, and zucchini, plus half a boiled potato
1 glass of cran-apple juice (half juice/half water)
1 pizza hut personal pan (pepperoni)
1 cup of Sierra Mist
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