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Yesterday's and Today's Menu...


1 Matcha shot w/OJ (Jamba Juice)
Medium carrot/ginger soup (WF)
Small salad (Rainbow salad, corn, and mixed greens from WH)
1 juice box (apple)
6 chicken nuggets
1 small fry
2 glasses of sangria
6 coconut shrimp, yellow rice, and red beans
guacamole and tortilla chips
Half a serving of fried ice cream (a scoop of vanilla ice cream, rolled in coconut and cornflake crumbs, flash fried, and served with whipped cream and a cherry)

Today (30 min workout):
Small bowl of yogurt w/granola
1 bowl of rice krispies w/2% milk
1 square of ellio's pizza w/pepperoni
1 slice of strawberry pie
Turkey sandwich on oat bread w/tomato and cheese
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