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Ruby Pounds the Pavement to Lose Weight

ooking for some inspiration to get in shape?

Try tuning in to Ruby, Style's hit reality show about Ruby Gettinger's battle with obesity.

"One day after watching, I was like, 'I need to go to the gym,'" recalls Molly Sullivan, 42, a human resources worker from Camarillo, Calif. "Ten days later, I joined a gym and now we're four months later and I'm losing weight."

And how's it going for Molly?

Molly has shed 41 pounds! So it was no surprise that she was among the the hundreds of people who came out yesterday morning to join Ruby (see photo above) on the Los Angeles stop of her nationwide "Walk Across America" tour.

"I saw these women crying on Oprah, talking about how they never went out of their homes," Ruby told us. "They're fighting the same thing I'm fighting, but I've always gone out my home. I was 716 pounds and I lived my life no matter what."

Ruby recently heard from one such woman who started riding a bike after she saw her doing it. "She said these kids were making fun of her so she said, 'I'm not going to do this anymore,'" Ruby said. "But then she thought about it and said, 'Yes, I am,' because she heard what I said, that they'll eventually shut up. She said they did shut up and now they're her friends!"


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