Steph (l_lstephl_l) wrote in fitness_log,

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Hey! I thought I'd introduce myself to the community.

My name is Steph. I'm 24 years old and weigh 168. My goal weight is 125 because that was my after baby weight. I just joined LJ a few hours ago. My husband, son and I moved to Germany almost 4 years ago. My husband is in the Air Force and we are here until May and as of right now we aren't sure where we will be living next.

I have started my daily workouts 5 days ago, with maybe a day or two of not keeping up with it) but because I'm new to this community I'm going to start with my daily sharing tomorrow (Monday). It will help keep me motivated to keep up with the workouts.

I'm glad to be apart of LJ and this community! :-) I'm looking forward to making friends!
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