My fitness journal (silly_giggles) wrote in fitness_log,
My fitness journal


Hi everyone, I'm Amanda, I'm new here. I have been trying to find a place to post my daily workout log rather then just my personal journal. I figured if others were actually reading what I was doing then it would give me one more reason to get up and do it. Support is always a good thing. Would that fit with in the bounds of this community? Thought I would do a quick post to see peoples thoughts before hopping right to it. So let me know.

Other then that a little background. I'm a 24 year old grad student. 5'5" and about 105-107pds. My main concern is since coming to grad school I have been less active in my everyday life. In undergrad I worked in the Theatre scene shop everyday so I had built up a lot of muscle and tone. Now I have lost a lot of definition and starting to see the muscle replaced with fatty deposits around my tummy and butt. Well a year and a half later I decided I am tired of it and have started on the path of regaining some of my muscle and putting my metabolism back where it should be.

So that is me in a small nutshell. Feel free to hope over to my regular workout journal silly_giggles or my regular journal which is on my info page. Hopefully I will be posting daily stats up too.

Have a great day.
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